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Distributor Rebuilding Info.

When rebuilding a distributor, I start by completely disassembling the distributor including removing the bushings. Each part is cleaned and inspected, including the housing, main shaft, drive gear, breaker plates, distributor weights and springs. All are checked for wear and tolerances measured. Parts are bead blasted as necessary.

On GM distributors, I bore the housing and install a longer shaft bushing. Ford distributors get a new upper bushing and the lower section of the housing is line-bored. Whenever possible, self-oiling Oilite® bushings are used for a tight fit and improved distributor shaft lubrication.

After rebushing, the distributor is assembled and blueprinted to tolerances which will ensure performance and reliability... a hand-crafted masterpiece! The distributor drive gear is installed and shimmed. Weights and springs are lubricated and installed on the plate. Distributor points are installed, and Pertronix ignition systems or other electronic point replacement sets can be added. The rebuilt distributor is then placed on the distributor machine and the ignition curve is measured and plotted. Vacuum advance / retard diaphragms are tested and replaced if necessary.

Finally, the distributor timing advance curve is checked on my distributor machine (a King Electronics distributor synchrograph), and springs and weights are adjusted to meet the specs or application. A plotted distributor advance curve will be included with the unit along with instructions for setting the initial timing.

Customization: For high performance and racing applications, I can build a custom distributor. In some cases we will 'lock out' the distributor vacuum advance unit to improve performance. The distributor advance can be removed completely. (note: these custom modifications will be discussed upon receipt of the distributor rebuild / recurve form).


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